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Invest in yourself. Share yourself and teach others to treat ALL people with respect, all the time. See what a difference it can make.
NuLI Retreats are getaways designed to energize (Nurture, Understand, Learn, Inspire) and allow you to engage in service projects designed to team build and foster leadership skills, while helping others.
It's about "living"

NULI Retreats will teach you to use NULI principles in building and maintaining personal, family, and professional relationships. NULI Retreats are conducted in a relaxed setting using a combination of recreation, physical conditioning, and volunteer work to teach NULI principles. Classes can be customized for couples, work teams, and families.

Nurture… those you are responsible for. You have a responsibility to others. Learn what it means to truly nurture your loved ones, yourself, and others.
Understand… your context with others. Understand your strengths, your weaknesses, and your context. This allows you to look beyond yourself to influence others toward broader understanding.
Learn… with an open heart and open mind. Learn how to open your heart and your mind by teaching others.
Inspire… Men to lead with humility, Women to model wisdom and grace. Inspire men to conquer their fears, to cherish that which is precious, and to become true leaders. Inspire women to relinquish power in favor of trust, to demand and deserve respect, and to be full of grace.
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